What Volunteers Say

How special is it to spend time with the children who come to La Rabida for care? Here are thoughts from some of our volunteers about their experience:

“Faith put her little hand on my face, drew me close and whispered in my ear that she loved me. So cute!”

“I had a touching moment with Marcus as he expressed how he missed his mom. I gave him words of comfort.”

“Charles asked me three times to marry him. Of course, I said ‘Charles, you’re too old for me.' He laughed and still asked me again.”

“It was so nice holding little David. Perfect evening.”

“This experience only makes me want to continue to pursue my career in nursing.”

“I had a sunshine morning with the kids.”

“I got it! I finally learned to play UNO! Had a mini-tourney with four of the kids. I held my own.”

“Lisa’s face lit up the moment I walked in the room.”

“My time here has shown me the importance of giving back, which is a lesson I will take with me always.”

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