Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be to volunteer?
The minimum age is 16.

What do volunteers at La Rabida do?
Most of our volunteers work directly with the patients, but there are other opportunities to support the mission of La Rabida while volunteering at the hospital. Visit volunteer opportunities for more details.

What is the expected time commitment?
The children at La Rabida often experience lengthy or frequent hospital stays. Continuity and predictability help them adapt to the hospital setting and become more comfortable with those who support their care. That’s why we ask volunteers for most programs to make a minimum commitment of two hours weekly for one year. High school students are asked to serve two hours a week consistently for a total of 40 hours.

La Rabida also offers a Summer Volunteer Program for adults and students.

How soon can I begin my volunteer experience?
The intake process can take a minimum of 4-6 weeks. 

What does the application process consist of?
To become a volunteer at La Rabida, individuals must complete an application and provide references. After a personal interview and appropriate background checks, potential volunteers attend a one-day orientation before placement in an appropriate program. Each volunteer must also undergo a health screen, conducted at La Rabida or elsewhere.

What does the health screen consist of?
Each volunteer must provide a basic medical history, have blood pressure checked, and other basic screens. If possible, please supply proof of a current tuberculosis test and immunizations. Volunteers usually get their immunization records from their family, physician or school. La Rabida has a mandatory flu vaccination policy. If your start date is during the flu season, you are required to provide official documentation that you've received a flu vaccine this season. If your start date is not during the flu season you will be required to get a flu vaccine during the next flu vaccine period.

How can I contact the volunteer office?
For more details, please contact Volunteer Services or call 773.256.5985.