Patient & Family Stories

La Rabida families representing inpatient care, sickle cell disease, infant development, and rehabilitative medicine recently shared their personal stories and what makes La Rabida special to them. Seven-year-old Rayshon Cobb, after being shot in the head Christmas morning, made a "miraculous" recovery.
Six-year-old Syrian Rama resurged after 15 surgeries and rehab to correct a rare congenital disease. Patient Elijah and his brother Arthur bond through Elijah's rehabilitative therapies at La Rabida.
This was a time of healing for Jayden and his family after he is transferred to La Rabida from an ICU. (En Español) Customized physical therapy from our Rehab Team
2 girls + 2 moms + 1 Occupational Therapist = Friendships & Healing Kameesha discusses Khalil's progress with Dr. Hobaugh
Felicia Sylvertooth Tells Social Worker how La Rabida helps. From 3 lbs to Walt Disney Magnet School
This mom of sickle cell patients appreciates the hospital's family friendly approach. Here's the story of an impressive young man who makes quite an impression on patients, staff and most everyone he meets.