Patient & Family Stories

Here's the story of an impressive young man who makes quite an impression on patients, staff and most everyone he meets. Seven-year-old Rayshon Cobb, after being shot in the head Christmas morning, made a "miraculous" recovery.
Six-year-old Syrian Rama resurged after 15 surgeries and rehab to correct a rare congenital disease. Patient Elijah and his brother Arthur bond through Elijah's rehabilitative therapies at La Rabida.
This was a time of healing for Jayden and his family after he is transferred to La Rabida from an ICU. (En Español) Customized physical therapy from our Rehab Team
2 girls + 2 moms + 1 Occupational Therapist = Friendships & Healing Kameesha discusses Khalil's progress with Dr. Hobaugh
Felicia Sylvertooth Tells Social Worker how La Rabida helps. From 3 lbs to Walt Disney Magnet School
This mom of sickle cell patients appreciates the hospital's family friendly approach.