Technology Dependent Patients

La Rabida specializes in the inpatient transitional care of children who are technology dependent.

These patients vary by diagnosis and the severity of their condition. Yet, whether the long-term goal ranges from medical stabilization to complete weaning from a ventilator, every patient can benefit from transitional care. And regardless of a child’s prognosis, La Rabida’s extensive experience can help advance him or her to the least-dependent condition possible.

La Rabida's Transitional Care Expertise

  • Ventilator, tracheostomy and oxygen dependence
  • Enteral/tube feedings
  • Intravenous antibiotics

Our unique family-centered approach to care ensures that patients and their families benefit from treatment that addresses their medical, psychosocial, rehabilitative, educational and support needs.

Transitional care presents an intermediate step to preparing for the next phase of recovery. Whatever the patient needs - further stabilization, intensive therapies, caregiver education, special equipment or additional resources - we coordinate all components of care to ensure a safe and optimal discharge.