McNickles for Medicaid

Sharonda, 9, was a small, colicky baby who had digestive and breathing issues as a result of prenatal drug exposure. Her adoptive mother Annie relied on La Rabida Children’s Hospital for medical care Sharonda and her three biological siblings needed to correct damage wrought in utero by drugs.
La Rabida is the most Medicaid dependent hospital in the state and is able to provide high-quality medical care to more than 9,000 children with the state-federal program. Because of Medicaid, Sharonda and her siblings are healthy enough to enjoy normal lives that include video games, puzzles and dance. This summer Sharonda will perform with Chicago’s Joffrey Ballet, where she recently danced the part of a Russian Doll in the Nutcracker Suite.
Annie’s children are among 32 million who would not have access to high quality health care without Medicaid. Children’s Hospital Association this month is leading a national campaign to draw awareness to this ongoing need. Click here to learn more about Speak Now for Kids.
Sharonda soars to her life’s goals as a dancer in the Joffrey Ballet.