Premier Kids

About the Premier Kids Program
Premier Kids is a medical home program for children birth to age 6 with special needs. It provides primary care services for children with medically complex conditions and/or developmental delays.


A Primary Care Program
Premier Kids is ideal for children who:

  • “Graduated” from a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 
  • Had an inpatient stay following delivery at another hospital
  • Meet the eligibility requirements of the Illinois Early Intervention system and/or received a diagnosis that may challenge physical, motor, cognitive, and nutritional development


The goal of the Premier Kids Program is to maximize a child's potential with a beyond-medicine care plan. Research shows early developmental intervention has a significant and positive influence on a child's future and overall well-being. 

             Pam Northrop, LCSW and Edith Chernoff, MD

Our interdisciplinary team includes board-certified pediatricians, nurses, social workers, a registered dietitian, a developmental therapist and a behavior therapist. All work in concert with families to execute a care plan that will optimize each child’s health and cognitive development. View cognitive development expectations for children up to age 6.

Contact Us
Highly recognized, the Premier Kids program embraces both the child and family and inspires hope:

  • For more information, call Pam Northrop at 773.256.5957. 
  • To make an appointment, call 733.256.5700.
  • Print the Premier Kids Brochure
  • Read the day-in-the life story of Imanni featured in our 2008 Annual Report.