Outpatient Rehabilitation and Groups

Outpatient Services
La Rabida’s bright, state-of-the-art rehabilitation facilities are specially equipped for children with a variety of rehabilitative and developmental needs. Children are assessed individually with parents present.

After the assessment, the team meets to determine an individualized treatment plan and goals that are carefully designed with input from the family. The model of delivery will depend upon the therapists' recommendations and the child's and family's needs.

Groups Programs
Birth to Age 3

  • Baby Bloomers (2 - 24 months) focus on sensory, cognitive and motor activities
  • Promises (1 – 3 years) for cognitive, sensory-motor and/or fine/gross motor delays
  • The "SAM" Club  (0 - 3 years) for severe cognitive and motor impairments 
  • Move and Play (18 months -  3 years) for structured group activities and open play time
  • Ready, Set, Go!  (approximately 20 months)to develop pre-school readiness 
  • Active Endeavors (2 - 3 years) for children who present autistic-type features, but haven't been diagnosed
  • Rhythm and Rhyme

Over Age 3

  • Pet Assisted Therapy (5 – 12 years) for sensory, speech and motor problems
  • Karate (7 – 15 years) for movement coordination 
  • Yoga (7 – 15 years) for movement, coordination, balance and stretching 
  • Fitness Aquatic Groups (10-18 years) for ROM, strength, endurance and or/chronic pain problems, mostly rheumatological


  • Adaptive Seating Clinic (birth - 18 years) for assessment, ordering and fitting of wheelchairs and adaptive strollers; primarily for  children with cerebral palsy
  • Casting (birth-18 years) for serial casting to the lower extremities to lengthen the muscles
  • Orthotics (birth - 18 years) for evaluations, fitting and modifications for lower extremity orthotics)
  • Oral-Motor and Feeding Clinic

Inpatient Groups

  • Lunch Bunch, an inpatient program to address oral-motor issues in a socially motivating and language-rich environment