Oral-Motor and Feeding Clinic

Many children have difficulty with some aspect of eating or drinking. When feeding becomes difficult, it can affect a child’s all-around development and create stress for a family. The feeding team at La Rabida Children’s Hospital is here to help your child develop eating and drinking skills to the best of his or her ability and to help your family make mealtimes enjoyable again. Oral-motor and feeding clinic includes:


• Comprehensive assessment of feeding and swallowing by an interdisciplinary team including a speech-language pathologist, social worker, and registered dietitian.

• Consultative services to support families, physicians, and other service providers

• Recommendations for families and caregivers at the end of each session

• Follow-up services as needed including off-site scheduling of oropharyngeal motility (OPM) studies to assess swallow safety

To make a referral, please contact the Developmental and Rehabilitative Services department at 773-256-5777