Medical Services

La Rabida Children's Hospital: It's A Special Place.
At La Rabida, we’ve created an environment that helps children meet the challenges of living with a lifelong medical condition. Our expert multidisciplinary teams and state-of-the-art treatment combine in child-oriented facilities designed to put the family first. 

Family Centered Care
Why family first? Because we know that when illness or disability strikes a child, it touches the entire family. The family’s engagement is key to helping the child cope. As we attend to the patient’s medical needs, we also empower the family to manage their child’s condition both inside and outside the hospital. Our goal: to deliver the highest level of resources and expertise that enables patients to leave the hospital and return home.

Treating the Whole Child

That’s important, because at La Rabida, we believe home is where a child’s physical and emotional needs are best nurtured. For this reason, we make the family an integral part of every treatment plan.
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An Overview of Our Medical Services
La Rabida provides medical care in three areas: 

  • Inpatient Care
    The “SS La Rabida,” our child-friendly inpatient hospital on Lake Michigan, is designed like a cruise ship. It’s not fun to be hospitalized, especially when you’re a child. That’s why we’ve made La Rabida a child-friendly environment filled with bright colors, a relaxing atmosphere and first-class facilities. 

    Our young patients are welcomed as VIP “passengers.” Each child has an expert, compassionate medical “crew” and upon admission is assigned to a “cabin” with a brilliant water view of Lake Michigan or Jackson Park Harbor. 

    We provide inpatient services for children who have suffered an acute exacerbation of a chronic illness, are transitioning on or off medical technology, and/or require medical management or rehabilitation following an intensive care stay at another hospital.

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  • Outpatient Services 
    Our comprehensive outpatient services include primary care for such chronic conditions as asthma, diabetes and sickle cell disease; developmental and rehabilitative services; and behavioral and mental health services. We also provide outpatient care in a number of subspecialties. Our child-friendly outpatient setting is designed to help children and their families feel more comfortable during their visits.
  • Urgent Care 
    La Rabida patients may seek treatment for urgent but not emergency care at the Acute Care Clinic.  Located in the hospital, the five-bed unit is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. 

The La Rabida Experience
As a specialty hospital, our focus is on the treatment of children who have medically complex conditions associated with chronic illness, developmental disability, and children who have suffered trauma or abuse. We partner with prestigious health care institutions to ensure that our special-needs patients receive high-quality care.