Gunshot Head Wound Victim's Remarkable Recovery

Seven-year-old Rayshon Cobb, who was shot in the head Christmas morning and made an incredible recovery at La Rabida, returned to the hospital April 17.
When he came to La Rabida in February after the bullet was removed by surgeons at Comer Children's Hospital at University of Chicago, Rayshon had paralysis on his right side, no speech or motor skills, and had to use a feeding tube.
Rayshon made a "miracle recovery" during his month-long intensive inpatient rehabilitation here.
Rayshon, his mom Rachel, along with Lisa Thornton, MD, medical director, pediatric rehabilitation; Molly Swenson, PT, Divya Variyam, OT, and Speech Language Pathologist Cindy Herde were interviewed by virtually every local TV station, print outlet and news radio station.

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