Behavioral and Mental Health Services

Part of La Rabida’s commitment to providing comprehensive care to children and families includes having services to support children’s emotional and behavioral health.  We focus on three main areas, trauma therapy, general outpatient therapy, and emotional/behavioral support for children who are adapting to a chronic illness.

Our Behavioral Health multi-disciplinary staff includes psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, licensed clinical professional counselors, postdoctoral psychology fellows, family advocates, and a case manager. Clinicians collaborate with the child’s medical team to deliver integrated services to patients and their family.

Care is provided in two main programs, Pediatric Psychology and the Chicago Child Trauma Center (CCTC).

Pediatric Psychology

Located in the main hospital, Pediatric Psychology provides outpatient behavioral health care to children who receive primary care, or who are followed for diabetes or sickle cell treatment at La Rabida.  Additionally, clinicians in Pediatric Psychology are available to provide care to patients during outpatient medical appointments, and inpatient admissions.

Coping with Chronic Disease
Individual assessment and treatment services are available for children and families facing the challenges of living with chronic illness.These include adjusting to the onset and diagnosis of the condition, learning how to incorporate a treatment plan into a child’s routine, coping with psychological factors affecting physical health, and pain management. Members of our Pediatric Psychology staff are part of the multidisciplinary health care teams for numerous medical conditions including burns, diabetes, sickle cell disease and traumatic brain injury.​

Resolving Behavioral Problems
We offer individual psychological assessment and treatment for a wide range of problems of childhood typically seen in pediatric practices and schools. These include relational and attention difficulties, problems with behavioral regulation, depression and mood disorders, and adjusting to life stressors.​

If you are interested in being referred for behavioral health services please contact your physician at La Rabida who can facilitate your request.

Chicago Child Trauma Center (CCTC)

The CCTC provides care to any child who suffers from any form of potentially traumatic events including severe physical abuse, sexual abuse, fires, violent crime, medical trauma and witnessing domestic violence. The CCTC also provides care for children who have externalizing sexual behavior problems that are related to trauma. Trauma and abuse-related services are provided at three sites including the Chicago Child Trauma Center at 1111 E. 87th Street, La Rabida Children's Advocacy Center in Park Forest, and at the main hospital. Care is provided to children on an outpatient basis as well as for children who have trauma histories on our inpatient medical unit. The CCTC is a Community Treatment Services site of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN). To learn more about the NCTSN, click here.

To learn more about our trauma services, or to schedule an intake, please call 773-256-5721.

Emergency psychiatric evaluations and treatment are not part of our behavioral health services.