Chicago Sky's Star Tours Our Gem on the Lake

Many thanks to Chicago Sky’s Elena Delle Donne for visiting La Rabida this afternoon! The 6’5” shooting guard distributed Chicago Sky gear including t-shirts, autographed photos, and wristbands to thrilled patients.
Omari, five, a patient with cerebral palsy, greeted Elena with a proper handshake during his therapy session. “I love basketball!” Omari exclaimed after receiving his Chicago Sky gear.
Keshon, 12, went one-on-one with Elena – and even did some practice shots as the two shared a special moment on the rehab gym court.  

Janyia, four, was so happy to meet Elena that she begged her mom to change into her new Sky t-shirt so her therapist could take her down to say goodbye. When asked what her favorite color was, Janyia replied “blue” with a smile while Donne held her heart in affection. “That’s my team’s color,” she said as the two posed for a picture neither will soon forget!

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Thanks, Elena!