The La Rabida Mission

La Rabida Children’s Hospital provides specialized, family-centered health care to children with medically complex conditions, disabilities, and chronic illness. Through expertise, compassion, and advocacy we help children and their families reach their fullest potential, regardless of their ability to pay.
How We Accomplish Our Mission

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  • La Rabida provides training and education of health care professionals which will enable them to deal creatively with the challenges of children with chronic illness and their families.
  • La Rabida conducts research, and promotes advocacy related to the prevention, diagnosis and management of children with chronic illness.
  • La Rabida works with public and private agencies, and other health care facilities in its shared dedication to helping children and their families.
  • La Rabida maintains an ongoing commitment to caring for children and families regardless of their ability to pay. 

La Rabida is a private, nonprofit organization.